Missing Pieces

What To Do About Missing Pieces?

    We take quality control very seriously. The puzzles are produced in small batches, and every puzzle is checked for number of pieces before leaving our warehouse, so start by assuming the piece is somewhere in your living room.

    With plastic jigsaw puzzles especially, it may seem as if there is a missing piece as you are getting close to completing the puzzle. That’s actually a good sign. If you are convinced there is a piece missing, but at the end you are able to complete the puzzle, it is just the right amount of challenging!

    If you get to the end and there is a puzzle piece missing, please do the following before you contact us: 

1.Carefully search the area where you were assembling the puzzle (puzzle pieces are notorious for ending up under tables, chairs, sofas etc.). Don’t forget to check between the sofa cushions. 

2.Also search nearby areas where the piece may have traveled. Many plastic puzzles have small intricately shaped pieces that can catch easily on a sweater or sleeve.

3.Check the bag and the box that the puzzle pieces came in. With darker colored puzzles it is easy for a piece to get left in the bag or box as the pieces are less visible against the dark background.

4.Interrogate any guilty-looking family members, friends, or pets. 

5.Allow at least a week for the missing piece to turn up – it usually does!

 So… If you are still missing a piece, here is what to do.

    Email us at bayby@baybypuzzle.com, let us know the puzzle name/SKU# and your order ID# from the BAYBY Website or from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, alexpress, tmall or JD.com. Attach a digital photo of the completed puzzle so we can see which piece is missing. You can also text us the same information and the photo to 0086-18126789003 or online chat tools.

    As long as the puzzle is still in production, we will try to re-create the piece for you as best we can, and send it to you at any address by registered mail. For puzzles that have been retired from production, we may not always be able to provide missing pieces.

    As plastic puzzles are cut individually, there is sometimes a very, very slight difference in the image although the piece will line up perfectly. You generally can’t tell it’s a replacement piece unless you look really close.

    First replacement pieces are always free, no questions asked, (yes, even if your dog ate it), but we reserve the right to charge for repeated replacements. We send the pieces via registered mail and they will usually take 15-30 days to get to you.

    Unfortunately, we cannot replace pieces for you if you purchased the puzzle used, as we have no control over their completeness.

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